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Business of the Month

“I can't wait to find out what new thing I have to come up with,” says Dorys Diaz, owner of Creations By Diaz, a boutique decorative arts company.

“For many years, I've been constantly told by my friends and family that I have a wonderful artistic ability,” says Diaz, who started the company as an answer to a natural calling to creativity.

Diaz founded the company after doing a favor for a close friend. “After I found out my best friend was engaged, I knew that the invitations for her engagement luncheon could not be ‘the norm.’  I wanted them to be extra special, just like her.  As soon as everyone received the invites, I heard the positive feedback.”

What started as a favor to a close friend has turned into a business. Diaz is THE artist for the company. She personally designs and produces original decorations and paper goods for each client. From invitations to caketoppers, favor tags, banners, center pieces, signs and more, she customizes the products according to the event, theme, celebration or milestone.

Vibrant and cheerful with a pleasant sense of humor, Diaz’s finished products exude the same richness and energy. Even though her art carries a sense of spontaneity, Diaz is actually following a creative tradition. “Creations by Diaz is the name my father chose for his jewelry store.  He is a retired jewelry designer.”

But the decorations and invitations aren’t the main course. With the alternative that her clients have to just buy invitations from a local store, Diaz admits to her commitment to Customer service.  “I live to impress and cater to my clients.  I have a nurturing heart, so I'm always looking out for the best for family and friends and do the same for my clients.  I'm very resourceful and feel that is one of my best traits.”

CreationsByDiaz can work with clients all across the U.S. She can be reached via mobile/text: 786-768-5286.

For great photos of her work, visit the company’s Instagram page (@creationsbydiaz) or Facebook page


Written by: Mahalia Ramos

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